It is important to have winter tree trimming and dead or hazardous tree removal performed before winter months. The strong winds in January and February can cause branches to snap off and whole trees to fall. The weight of snow and ice can cause even more problems. Tree Time tree services provide Beaverton winter tree trimming services. We will get out there and remove dead and hazardous limbs. Thinning the canopy helps keep trees from falling in the wind storms. If a whole tree needs to be removed we are qualified to do that regardless of the size. Keeping your property safe from the elements will keep your homeowner’s insurance premiums low. If your neighbor has a hazardous tree on their property and it falls into your yard it automatically becomes your problem. Their homeowner’s insurance won’t cover your home. Contact Jamal at Tree Time Tree Services to resolve issues like these with all parties involved in the Beaverton, Hillsboro, and southwest Portland areas. We even do the east side and Clackamas county.