The winter months in Portland can be brutal on your property and trees. It is critical to have winter tree pruning and hazardous or dead tree removal completed. In January and February, strong winds can break off branches and whole trees collapse. Snow and ice weights can create additional issues. Tree Time’s Aloha winter tree trimming services are available. We’ll go out there and remove any dead or hazardous trees from your property. We want to help you avoid any potential damage and keep your home looking great, and that’s why tree pruning in winter can be a great choice for any property owner.

Winter Tree Pruning

Cleaning up any debris from fallen branches is part of winter tree pruning

We are able to cut down a whole tree if it is necessary, regardless of size. Keeping your home safe from the weather will keep your homeowner’s insurance premiums low. If an unsafe tree on your neighbor’s land falls into your yard, it becomes your responsibility. The last winter brought down hundreds of trees in the Portland-Vancouver Metro area. Call us now to learn more about winter tree pruning in Aloha, Oregon.

If your house isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance, you won’t be reimbursed. Jamal of Tree Time Tree Services can help you resolve concerns like this in the Aloha Beaverton, Hillsboro, and southwest Portland areas with all parties involved.
We can take care of any falling winter trees, cutting down winter trees you don’t want anymore, and pruning winter trees to protect your home or business. Call us now for further information about winter tree pruning in Aloha, Oregon.

When is the best time to maintain my trees?

That is a good question that we get often. Our winter weather is the best time to trim winter trees. However, branches will still grow during winter so it is not ideal for tree removal. If you hire Tree Time Tree Services, we’ll be available in any season of the year.

Preventative tree maintenance on your winter trees helps them stay healthy and strong all winter long. Dead branches and leaves can cause a lot of problems when winter weather hits. You’ll want to make sure that all the dead branches are removed and winter tree pruning is done properly.

If you’re not familiar with winter tree trimming or pruning, it’s the process of removing any dead or hazardous branches from your trees. This will help prevent any damage that could be caused by winter weather. It’s also a good idea to trim your winter trees so they look nice and neat.

Is winter tree pruning expensive?

Hiring a professional to do winter tree pruning can be expensive, but it’s well worth the cost. You can trust our experienced professionals at Tree Time Tree Services to take care of all your winter tree pruning needs. If you don’t want to do winter tree trimming yourself, you can get a quote from Tree Time Tree Services today. You’ll be able to see how much winter tree pruning will cost and we’ll let you know when we’re available. We also offer winter tree removal and springtime tree planting for Aloha area residents.

Does preventative tree maintenance help your trees?

Preventative tree maintenance on your winter trees helps them stay healthy and strong all winter long. Dead branches and leaves can cause a lot of problems when winter. Our trained team of professionals is ready to service your winter tree pruning service needs. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have about winter tree pruning in Aloha, Oregon. Let’s set up a pruning schedule. Contact Jamal, and the pros at Tree TIme Tree Services today!
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