Remove the dead or dying tree as soon as possiple

Dead tree removal service is an important part of maintaining your property. Dead trees are nothing to take lightly. If you have a dead or dying tree on your property it could be serious. Your property could be in danger and more importantly, you or your loved ones.  Dead tree removal service is important because trees can be hazardous for many reasons.

Here are a few reasons why you will need to remove the tree.

  • Dead Trees attract pests and animals
  • Dead Trees  are prone to fire
  • Dead Trees are prone to diseases and can be contagious
  • Dead Tree branches may fall
  • Dead trees more likely to topple over.

Dead Tree Removal Service in Milwaukee, Oregon on a hot summer day

This past week we had the opportunity to take down a large dead cedarwood tree in Milwaukee, Oregon.  This tree was fully dead and causing a hazard to the home. We went out to the job site to evaluate the situation and sure enough, it was the case.  The tree was dead and towering over the property. Not only was it a hazard to the home and homeowners but it looked really terrible.

Before the tree could be taken down the lower limbs were needed to be taken off. One of our arborists had to climb the tree and remove the limbs one at a time with a chainsaw while the rest of the team grabbed what fell to the yard and threw it in the wood chipper. Then the arborist’s next move is to cut the top of the tree off. This is called topping the tree. The technique he used was a face cut were he cuts a triangle in the tree facing the side where he wants the tree to fall he uses a hinge wood technique at this point while the rest of the team pull with ropes to bring the top of the tree down.

The job is not over when the tree is down. All of the wood still needs to be chopped up or chipped. This part of the job can take some time but we do a thorough job and also make sure when the job is complete, there is nothing left behind.  We want to leave your property looking at its best.

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