fall tree maintenanceWhether you have a large fall tree maintenance service project planned, need to hire someone for fall tree services, or just need to do some preventative tree maintenance in the Portland metro, the following tips will help ensure that your fall leaves don’t turn into unwanted winter pests and your trees will last the winter months without damaging your property.

Tree fall and winter storm damage is one of the most common issues Portland homeowners encounter each fall—and also one of the least talked about. But fall isn’t just falling here in the Pacific Northwest; it’s also peak time for winter storms, which means that if you don’t take care of your trees before fall ends, they may suffer serious damage in the winter. And not only is fall the perfect time for preventative fall tree maintenance, but it’s also a great time to hire one of the best Portland fall tree services in the area. Tree Time Tree Service can be there for all your needs.

Trees are valuable to any homeowner because they’re carefree—you plant them, they grow—but fall leaves can become a nuisance, and fall tree service is important for your trees. Leaves and branches fall every year, but if you’re in the Portland metro area and don’t do any fall tree preventative service, that fall foliage can end up damaging your home or worse: breaking limbs and becoming hazardous to people and property near and around your home.

Preventative tree maintenance in the Portland metro

There are many fall tree service tips and tips that can help you out in the Portland metro area, but here we’ll provide you with just a few of the most important that Tree Time Tree Service wants to share with you.

fallen branch removal is important for fall tree maintenance, but winter weather is just as big of fall risk to your fall service trees. We’ll go over fallen leaves in a bit, but keep in mind that winter is coming—and with it high winds and heavy snowfall. That means that if you haven’t already, now is the time to hire one of the best fall tree services Portland has to offer- Tree Time Tree Service.

So what should you do in preparation for the fall, and what do you need to get done? The following are some tips and services you need to have done this fall.

While fall isn’t technically falling until the autumnal equinox—which was early last week—there’s enough fall color outside that we’re going to say that fall is currently in full effect.

What you need to do:

While fall leaves may be beautiful to look at—and fun for the kids to jump into—the fall foliage can damage your lawn or worse: fall off of trees onto pathways around your home where people could potentially slip.

Fall tree maintenance

You need preventative tree maintenance. According to Tree Time Tree Service, fall tree maintenance and service is the best way to prevent fall leaves and branches from damaging your lawn and other properties. Preventative tree maintenance is always good for the care of your tree and property.

Fall leaves have begun to give off that fall color everyone loves! And while fall trees are beautiful, it’s also time to do fall tree maintenance. Tree Time Tree Service knows that this is a busy time of year, but you can’t fall behind in fall tree service.

For fall tree removal, fall tree limb cutting, or fall tree trimming contact the pros at Tree Time today to schedule your fall preventative tree maintenance in the Portland metro. Tree Time Tree Service is near you and just a call away.

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