Fall Tree ServicesFall tree services are here! As fall approaches, here in Portland Oregon, there is a lot of work to be done. Like most other parts of the country and world, fall brings changes and different levels of attention required for your yard and property. At Treetime Tree Services we know fall is a busy time for property owners and we want you to know we are ready to help with your fall tree services needs.
Trees are necessary to our total environment. We all know that trees provide us with oxygen, even help clean the air of excess carbon dioxide, and create shade so we aren’t sitting in 105-degree heat at noon on July 12th. However, fall brings about some other concerns for property owners when it comes to trees.

One of the most common fall tree services we offer is fall tree trimming. As fall comes, leaves start falling from branches and they fall onto your yard and sometimes into your gutters. Gutters can become clogged with leaves and. When fall nears, leaves drop from trees. Often times homeowners will rake or bag these fallen leaves thinking they are doing something good for the trees. Unfortunately, this is actually bad for your trees because it often prevents the fall leaf drop that is natural for most deciduous trees. As fall leaves fall into gutters they can begin to decompose and this creates excess moisture that can cause the fall leaf drop on your property to be disrupted.

The fall leaf drop is a natural process of losing leaves in deciduous trees before winter comes. A tree will lose about 40% of its leaves during the fall months. Fall leaf drop is a good time to fall and autumn tree services in Portland Oregon for trees.

More fall tree services

Another fall practice we encounter with our fall and autumn tree services in Portland is people wanting us to remove their deciduous trees completely. This request can be due to a variety of reasons such as: planting an ornamental tree, the fall leaf drop period is causing damage to your property, or fall fruiting.

Deciduous trees lose their leaves during fall and new leaves begin to come out in spring. Deciduous trees have a certain amount of time where they give every effort to produce fall fruit before going into dormancy for winter called “chilling.” The number of chill hours a tree needs depends on the variety of fall fruit trees, but fall fruiting is a natural process. If your fall fruit tree isn’t successful fall after fall there could be other reasons such as late frost, disease or insect problems, or poor pollination.

Another service that Treetime Tree Service offers this fall is dead tree removal. It will be important to remove these dead or dying trees because when the winter snow hits the heavy snow could break the limbs of the tree and potentially damage your property. If you have an older home, then the weight of the snow could cause the tree to collapse onto your roof which can lead to water damage problems. Sometimes these trees fall into power lines and this has happened in Portland on more than one occasion recently.

The best fall and autumn tree services we can provide for you are fall and autumn tree trimming. As fall comes, trees naturally lose their leaves and go into dormancy. If you want your fall fruit trees to produce fruit this fall then proper fall and autumn tree trimming may be necessary to ensure that the branches of your fall are fruiting. Don’t fall for fall leaf drop. Let Treetime Tree Service help you with fall tree services in Portland Oregon, call today!